Elle Decoration | April Issue 2013

Dear Blog Readers,

This month we are pleased to see Mint’s owner and founder Lina Kanafani featured in the April Issue of Elle Decoration.  According to Emma love four of Elle Deco’s all-time favourite destination stores are run by women and she sets to find out if it is a coincidence. In the article Emma celebrates the shops and talks to their creators to find out.

Elle Deco Cover April

The four women are Rossana Orlandi with her striking signature glasses followed by our favourite Lina Kanafani,  third is Marie-France Cohen with her super store Merci and last but not least the pioneer Maureen Doherty, all of whom leading ladies,  are at the forefront of Design Retail and Galleries.

This issue of Elle Decoration is available now, so don’t miss the opportunity to get a copy before they are all gone !!

1 | Rossana Orlandi

1 | Rossana Orlandi

2 | Lina Kanafani

2 | Lina Kanafani

3 | Marie-France Cohen

3 | Marie-France Cohen

4 | Maureen Doherty

4 | Maureen Doherty





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