‘Limbo’ at Mint

Dear Blog Readers,

We thought it was time for a small diversion from product design to illustrated animation and this comes in the form of the short video ‘Limbo’.

The original drawings used to create the animation by Stephanie Thandi Johnstone as well as 3 original charcoal drawings were on show at mint all through autumn & winter.

‘Limbo’ has a personal connection to the designer as it relates to her loosing her family home in Tripoli Libya during the advent of the Arab Spring. The animation is used to evoke human feelings and experience in relation to ongoing political upheaval in Cairo, where Stephanie’s family has subsequently relocated.


It depicts the general prevailing mood, turmoil and equally evokes the artist’s personal feelings,  living in ‘Limbo’ hanging  between harmony & chaos,  normality & conflict, and East & West all being juggled with many possible scenarios all happening at the same time.

Stepanie chose to represent the story in the form of illustrative imagery to imitate the spatial and structural composition of memories and how the mind recalls events through fragmented imagery.

If you are interested in more information on the beautiful ‘Limbo’ drawings please do get in contact with us a sales@mintshop.co.uk


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