Concrete Jewellery at Mint

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This post in contrast to last week’s Felt Candle Holders we are introducing ‘concrete’ a cold material yet used in a most unexpected manner. Kate Bradbury’s collection of Concrete jewellery is inspired by 1950’s Housing Estates. It is quite geometrical and spatial in design but tactile and appealing at the same time.

This beautiful collection was first exhibited during our LDF show Spatial Surprise in Sept 2012 as we thought it perfectly fits the title!  Please continue reading by clicking the Read More button below.

kate b

kate b4kate b5

Architects material of choice, concrete, once stood for modernity and progress but now symbolizes the welfare estates.  The use of concrete combined with contrasting materials and surfaces, Bradbury explores both the order that architects sought to evoke and the decay that these estates now exist in.

kate b7The collection made with cast-concrete, spray paint and constructed metal forms was inspired by the housing estates of the 1950’s.  Bradbury says, “I have been inspired by industrialism and the urban landscape, responding to the repetition of the estate and it’s ‘form follows function’ Bauhaus aesthetic”.

kate b8 kate b9

kate b2If you have any questions or would like to purchase one of the beautiful pieces please do get in touch with Mint at . Photographs by Jonny MacMillan & Inge Clemente.


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