Mint presents Siba Sahabi

Dear Blog Readers,

Well we finally got some snow and we hope you managed to keep warm ! Continuing in the theme of winter warmers we would like to introduce a collection of beautiful felt candle holders from the designer Siba Sihabi. Please click Read More below to continue reading.


Siba Sihabi Blog

Siba’s candleholders, made of felt, are inspired by the silhoutte of Istanbul. The use of colours reflect different shades of light on the cities facades at dawn and dusk.

The choice of material is based on a certain characteric of wool: it doesn’t catch fire ! The felt is cut into strips and then coiled by hand into circles. The candleholders are then completed with a candlepin.

Siba Sihabi Blog3

Another series Siba is currently working on is a collection of paper objects entitled ‘Kerameikos’. These intricate pieces of art are hand crafted from paper and have the aesthetic of porcelain,hence the collection title, Paperporcelain. The inspiration for the ‘Kerameikos’ series comes from European and Middle-Eastern history and tableware. Siba says, “In my work I try to recapture traces of the past that got lost in time and space. I refine the meaning of these fragments of an earlier era by linking them to contemporary design”.

Siba Sihabi Blog4

If Siba Sihabi’s collection has inspired you and would like to see them in person, they are currently on sale at Mint. Should you be interested in purchasing one of the design please send us an enquiry to the following address

Pallas Athena by Siba Sihabi


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