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As we approach the end of year we would like to reflect back on the wonderful work of a handful of talented young designers from China, Korea & Taiwan, all of whom have graduated from UK colleges and have now returned to their respective countries.

We are proud and pleased to have had the opportunity of showcasing their works, and hope we will hearing back from them in the near future. Click Read More below to find out about all the designers.


Wendi Xie

‘The Other Me’

Throughout Wendi’s collection of work her objects are created in duplicate reflecting and mirroring each other. The pieces are made of heavy glass yet hold the appearance of lightness. Equally, there is a prenounced contrast between the soft velvet surface in contrast to the sharp edges.

Quoting the designer,“Accompanied by the mirror, the objects invite the viewers to see through. By doing so, the viewers might see their face seeing the objects, thus evoke the question of whom reflecting whom.


Joo Hyung Park

‘There are cutlery, Jewellery, and my hands’

Joo created two sets of work, jewellery and cutlery and her desire was to tell the personal story of how she use her hands in everyday life. The beautifully fragile ‘Push Through’ rings are made from paper, sterling silver and tin alloy which makes for a truely unique collection of jewellery.


Quoting the designer, “ my desire is to share how I use my hands. My hands blow new life to material as a piece of jewellery with the simple act of pushing through, and they capture the very moment of using old cutlery to deliver food to our mouth, which is completing its duty.


Sheng Tsang Chen


Sheng’s work explores the relationship between an object’s functionality and it’s aesthetic. The cultural differences between Taiwan and the UK interested Sheng, which led him to create these delicate yet strong glass drinking vessels. The fluid nature of melting glass was a major element in his work and he was fascinated by the way that air bubbles could be entrapped between layers of glass.


Song Min Jeong


Song Min Jeong was interested in the materiality of glass in both physical and metaphorical dimensions. In particular, the fluidity of molten glass which allows the maker control whilst accepting the element of chance at the same time. The glassmaking process in her work is a way of stylising and abstracting visual elements that are associated with specific cultures.


Yenz Lin

3D Printed Perception Crown

Bird Yenz’s collection aims to highlight alternate points of view which can provoke different and new reactions as well as being inspired by everyday life and wider global issues.


The pieces was created in nylon powder using a technique called SLS or Selective Laser Sintering, where the object is built up in 3D by a specially designed printer.


If you are interested in any further information or would like to inquire if any of the pieces are available please feel free to send us an email to

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