Mirror mirror on the wall . . .

. . . ‘Chandlo’ is the fairest of them all !

Dear Blog Readers,

During this years LDF festival we played host to the beautiful ‘Chandlo’ design of Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien from BD Barcelona.


‘Chandlo’ was designed as a prototype made for the Das Haus installation in Cologne 2012.  Das Haus consisted of interconnected spaces which opened up to a central courtyard where the different areas of the home depended mainly on objects and furniture to define the space.

‘Chandlo’ means moon shape and also Bindi that is the coloured dot worn by Indian women on the forehead to which the large rimmed mirror makes reference, which is the main lead in this piece.

The circular mirror rests comfortably between the small jewellery cabinet and large square mirror.  It almost looks as if the circular mirror is about to roll away . . .

The seemingly abstract composition of the mirrors, cabinet and surface is based on the gestures and daily ritual of dressing up and grooming oneself.

A developmental sketch of the ‘Chandlo’ by Doshi Levien.

Stool: Structure in plywood (rosewood) and legs in steel, painted in brillant black. Upholstered in dark grey with a bordered grid, in an aluminium colour.

Dressing table: Structure in solid ash fitted out in black matte. The table legs are tubular steel, painted in a brilliant green. The solid, compact table top (mixed natural minerals and polymers) is in a light grey.

There is a central, frontal faced mirror, which is composed of a steel frame, painted in red. The back of the mirror is black MDF painted with a graphic pattern in brillant white.  The side mirror has a filtered rose colour. The jewellery box in plywood (rosewood).

‘Doshi Levien Chandlo at Das Haus Cologne 2012’

Photos of ‘Chandlo’ at Mint courtesy of Inge Clemente. ‘ Chandlo’ products images and information provided by Doshi Levien.


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