Treluce Studios

Dear Mint readers,

Milan week is just around the corner and we are ready to be inspired by new designers and new designs! Here’s one designer whose innovative work first caught our eye in 2010.

Artist/Designer Marcus Tremonto and his wife and partner Monica founded the New York based Treluce Studios in 2002. The studio is a collaborative which focuses on product driven concepts based on re-contextualizing,repurposing and re-imaging traditional designs with new design philosophies.

Luce Magnetica

Their latest work titled Luce Magnetica will make its first appearance at Salone del Mobile 2012 at the Milan gallery Spazio Rossana Orlandi from April 17th – 23rd.

Luce Magnetica, a lamp, is an endlessly adaptable form that is changed or ‘arranged’ by use of embedded and moveable magnets.

The silhouette of a pot/shade is the support for the interchangeable double sided electroluminescent flower forms that can be arranged in any pattern and as many as desired.

The literal and figurative use of “arrangement” allows for a translation to a tradition from technology.

PAD Light

In cooperation with Novaled AG, a company specializing in OLED technologies and materials, Marcus Tremonto has designed PAD, a new transparent OLED suspension light. This ultra slim light, which was conceived and developed by Tremonto entirely from an organic perspective, will be exhibited from April 15th to 20th at the 2012 Frankfurt Light+Building trade show.

Based on the pad-like fingers of the red-eyed tree frog, PAD uses transparent OLED panels to create three types of illumination. The initial series of colors, red, yellow and blue, were chosen in honor of the Bauhaus school of design.

The first two types occur when the PAD light is switched on, during which the bottom of the lamp gives off a rich white light, while the top emits ambient light in a variety of colors.

The third type of illumination occurs when PAD is switched off, during which ambient light surrounding the lamp will pass through its transparent OLED panels, creating colored shadows similar to the effect of light passing through stained glass.

The OLED panels are also partially transparent when PAD is switched on, creating a combination of light and technology that highlights the unique design potential of transparent OLED light sources.

PAD Light

Custom Nike Zoom Force-1 Snow Boot

One of their revolutionary designs is the Custom Nike Zoom Force-1 Snow Boots. Nike approached the design studio to customize a pair of their incredible Zoom Force-1 snow boots. The design objective was to show and explore their vision of the future of sports.

The boots are unique examples and was hand made by the artist in his New York studio: unitizing electroluminescent paper and custom graphics. By envisioning snowboarding in the year 2220, the designer took references from Gundam, sci-fi and James Bond.

Box Boot

Rocket Boot

Vak-Pak Lamp at Mint

If you’re in London, do pay us a visit at 2 North Terrace, Alexander Square, London SW3 2BA.


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