Monthly Archives: February 2012

Dear Mint Readers,

It has been a long time coming but it finally feels like Spring is upon us. And to celebrate this glorious revelation, we present these beautiful Stacking Vessels by Pia Wustenberg.

The Stacking Vessels are a series of functional sculptures for the home. Each Vessel consists of three individual containers and each part is made from a different materials using craft processes. The hot glass is the connecting part between the ceramic and wood.

 We are also pleased to present them in the March issue of Wallpaper* Magazine!  Do have a look at them in the article titled NOMAD’S LAND. In case you are unable to get your hands on them, please have a look at the article below.

The Stacking Vessels are now on display at Mint on one of our favourite dining tables.

To view the process of how the Stacking Vessels are made, please click on the link below:

Perfect for any home, the full series of Pink, Green, Blue and Yellow vessels are available at Mint now so don’t miss it!