Monthly Archives: January 2012

Dear Mint Readers,

We are pleased to present this month’s January/February issue of Wallpaper* Magazine. Boldly displayed as the winner of the Best Faking It Award is the Tattoo Stool one of our own pieces currently on display at Mint! Do have a look at the article on page 53 in the magazine.

Designed by Maurizio Galante and Tal Lancman for Cerruti Baleri, Tattoo is a flexible seat or footrest in the shape of an egg (tato) or sphere (tatino). Made from CFC-free flexible polyurethane with an internal anatomical rigid structure and plastic base, this artwork has photographic images printed on the bi-elastic technical-fabric cover. Once the cover is fitted, the image becomes three-dimensional.

Tattoo is an object that combines uniqueness and reproduction. The warmth of the textile counteracts the coolness of the mineral, the softness of the seat contrasts the hardness of the stone and the lightness of the object defies the weight of the rock it imitates.

Another fabulous piece we have on display at Mint is the Battaglie Desk. Designed by Maurizio Galante, the Battaglie Desk is a sarcophagi showing the battle against the Gallicans. It is more commonly known as the Ludovisi Sarcophagi. This remarkable piece was found in the vinyards of the Ludovisi family next to the Porta Tiburtina.

On the Battaglie Table, Maurizio Galante subsituted the triumphant warriors of the battle with the defeated, reflecting how destiny can be altered by just an emotion of the moment.

Visit us at 2 North Terrace to see these remarkable pieces for yourself. We hope to see you soon!