Mint presents Le Morandine by Sonia Pedrazzini

Le Morandine 

Mint is pleased to present a range of gorgeous colour tones this wintry season! Le Morandine are a series of beautiful, variously-shaped, hand-made candles that are inspired by the works of acclaimed Bolognese artist Giorgio Morandi. Giorgio Morandi was a forerunner of Minimalism best known for the subtle tones of around 1000 oil still lifes depicting bottles, vases, jugs and bowls.

Giorgio Morandi Still Life

Like the every­day objects in Morandi’s paint­ings, Le Moran­dine comes in muted colours with a chalky opac­ity. it comes in a set of 4 in which you can determine your own arrangement/compositions! Sonia Pedrazzini presents this project as trib­ute to the artist and an invi­ta­tion to get to know his opera; it includes a pat­tern and a stylised repro­duc­tion of the fig­ures sketched by Morandi as a tem­plate for the per­fect composition.

Le Morandine on display at Mint

Available for sale at Mint, each set of can­dles are fash­ioned from qual­ity mate­ri­als and smartly pack­aged in recy­cled card. Don’t miss out on this one!


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