Monthly Archives: November 2011

Dear Readers,

Today is the Brompton Design District Press Day! If any of you are planning on touring the area, do drop by as we will be serving a delectable assortment of Mint Tea, Baklava and Interior Delights!

We hope to see you!

A wealth of warm colours has never been so welcoming at Mint especially these past few days.

Paul Stopler’s beautiful glass sculptures in amber, red and champagne alongside .PSLAB’s stunning gold and brass lighting makes the perfect combination to counter these cold winterish days.

We hope you enjoy these amazing day images shot by the artist’s friend and photographer, Cliff Van Coevorden and night images by .PSLAB!

As for upcoming news, the Brompton Design District Press Day is coming up on Wednesday the 16th of November and Mint is delighted to participate once again! Stay tuned for more details on the event!