Monthly Archives: October 2011

Hello Mint Readers!

Here we go again with another video on our blog so soon after the London Design Festival by Susie Hogan. This time, the video is of the Private View of Growing Vases designed by Japanese architectural and design company Nendo for Czech Bohemia Glass company Lasvit.

In case you missed the event, please enjoy this brilliantly made video by Dan Joyce!

This engaging installation will continue to show at Mint until the 31st of October 2011. Please come visit!

Dear Mint Readers,

For the month of October, Mint is proud to present ‘Growing Vases’ a design lighting installation by Japanese architectural and design studio Nendo for Czech Bohemian glass company Lasvit.

The installation takes on a playful nature exploring the impractical and the incomplete. The metal pipes used by the glass blower remain in the blown glass and are transformed into abstract flowers and branches, alluding to a whimsical glass forest breathing with life.

Doesn’t that sound enticing? Well watch this space for more updates!


We at Mint are delighted to be featured in Suzie Hogan’s video during the London Design Festival! We thought we’d share it with our loyal readers too.

If you’d like to see more of Suzie’s work, please click here.

We hope you enjoy the video as much as we did!