Mint presents Pirwi!

Pirwi is the leading brand in Mexican design but it was not their name nor their designs but their story that first caught Lina Kanafani’s (Mint’s owner) eye.

Since its inception in 2007 Pirwi is based on the idea of serving as a productive platform with great regard for its environment and social surroundings. The company began as collaboration between two designers, Alejandro Castro and Emiliano Godoy. Now, Pirwi has a young creative team that shares their vision and help define the road to a responsible enterprise.

On top of these substantial contributions to society, Pirwi is also solely and admirably responsible for the the employment of 50 people. These people have been discovered on the streets of Mexico and recruited by Pirwi. Under Pirwi’s wing, they have undergone training in the craft of woodworks and have now been permanent, loyal employees at Pirwi for 5 years and counting!

Centipede Bench and Pirul


Eje Side Table

Pirwi’s design proposal is exemplary for its quality craftsmanship, study of form and their planned and decided relationship with environmental and social sustainability. With Pirwi, the concept of sustainability is amplified and it does not stop at technical content but speaks the language of the people who are its strength.

The collection in 2011 has more than 100 products of furniture and accessories- handmade with great care and expertise especially in birch, teak maple and walnut from sustainably managed forests.

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