Mint Explores sees the light with .PSLAB

Dear Mint Readers,

Make a note in your diary and let the countdown begin for Mint Explores! With only 3 days to go, we at Mint are thrilled to announce that all the lighting of the exhibition are supplied by .PSLAB.

Founded in 2004 and based in Europe, the Middle East, Beirut and Stuttgart, .PSLAB’s work can be found in private homes in London, conceptual boutiques in Antwerp, art galleries in Berlin, hotels in Paris, restaurants in Beirut, and in gardens, events and public spaces worldwide.

Specialised in site-specific lighting products, .PSLAB have taken into account the spatial qualities of Mint’s linear space and the characteristics of the products selected. On the outside, clusters of lamps will be visible through the front window display, concentrated at key points to entice the viewer in. Once inside, the luminous display culminates in a series of chandeliers beneath Mint’s distinctive skylight which dominates the second half of the space. .PSLAB’s brass standing lamps will also be placed strategically around Mint to provide an intimate glow.

Altogether we have five key designs by .PSLAB, none of which should be missed!






.PSLAB’s creative and technical teams work together on every aspect of product development from concept to construction. The artisanal pieces produced are individual to particular spaces and are manufactured by them in their factory. Their approach to each project is that of a haute couture clothing designer; by appointment, based on dialogue, and with the highest quality materials and most intricate attention to detail.

We hope to see you at Mint Explores!

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