Monthly Archives: August 2011

Currently at Mint we are displaying a beautiful range of colourful resin tableware.

Available in a range of different styles including cake stands, egg cups, salad servers, bowls, dishes and trays.

The pieces in the collection are hand sculpted in San Francisco, California which makes each item unique!

When the clay design is completed, hand-made molds are created for each object. The molds are used to cast each item individually by hand in small batches by color.

Slight colour variations between batches contribute to the beauty and uniqueness of each piece. After the pieces are cast and removed from the mold, they are hand sanded.

Inspiration for the designs comes from many things: The shapes are inspired by organic forms in nature and objects found on travels around the world. The colours are inspired by delicious translucent popsicles, candies and jelly beans!

All images courtesy of Tina Frey Designs.

For more information on any of these peices, please call us on +44 207 225 2228 or email us at