Monthly Archives: July 2011

‘Blasted Familii’ is a series of simple, blasted objects made out of spruce wood. The objects appear to be rough and aged but at the same time the wooden relief tells another story.

Blasted CO1 is a chest manufactured out of Spruce wood, with a 1/3 – 2/3 partition and a moveable drawer. The blasted relief was inspired from historical chests.

Designed by Kai Linke, Catrin Altenbrandt & Adrian Niessler. Blasted W02 is a wall covering, consisting of 29 sprucewood elements. Arranged the elements form a image (size 288 x 336cm).

Blasted WO1 consists of a number of separate Spruce wood elements. When correctly arranged against a wall the elements form an image. The object containing a wardrobe and a shelf space.

Blasted Vase Ceramic.

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