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Currently displayed at mint are a beautiful collection of lamps called MiCha designed by Kuntzel & Deygas.

Photographed by Inge Clemente

Just like in an animated film, Kuntzel & Deygas’s Pet Lamp is a drawing come to life, breaking down its movements into several poses. The light projected by MiCha becomes a form of living graphic animation.

Luxurious and well bred, the MiCha lamp is a collector’s item that comes in a range of four different models.

The first litter is composed of MiCha assis (MiCha sitting), MiCha en marche (MiCha walking), MiCha dos rond (MiCha stretching his back) and baby MiCha assis patapouf (Baby MiCha sitting).

The MiCha lights have just been featured on the Financial Times website, How To Spend It. Please see the link below:

Displayed at Mint for LDF last year and up until now, we have had to say farewell to these beautiful pendant lights. We are sad to see them go, but thrilled to hear that they have been selected by the German Design Council for the ‘Design Deutschland 2011’ exhibition, which will travel to Milan, NYC and Hongkong.

The lampshades are made of metal and have narrow openings all the way round, which creates a subtle airiness to their appearance. A filter brings an eye-catching flood of colour that can be seen through the perforated edges of the light.

Attention has been paid to every last of these designs; the rosettes at the top of the lights have also been crafted to match the lampshade.

Photographed by Inge Clemente

Also displayed for LDF last year, Gulp is three thousand translucent drinking straws interwoven to form a dense, spherical lampshade.

Photographed by Inge Clemente
Photographed by Inge Clemente

Made from one continuous length of interconnected straws, you could – if you possessed Dyson-like suction – put one end in a drink and gulp it down through the other.

Photographed by Inge Clemente

Each piece takes seven days to make and is made to order. Gulp is available in a strictly limited edition of 50.

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