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Mint is proud to present these exquisite vases designed by Christian Haas and edited by luxury glass manufacturer Theresienthal that are part of the Small Worlds series.

Each intricate piece in the series comes in a limited edition of fifty. The beauty of these art pieces lie in the fact that when assembled, they form a little narrative within themselves.

The main subject of the pieces – a colony of bees and an owl, represent the attitude of a true craftsman.  The bees’ philosophy of hard work and the caged owl’s wisdom are a perfect allusion to a designer’s discipline and creativity.

Wisdom Is a Good Companion is a collection of 3 pieces that are assembled by covering the cobalt blue vase, engraved with a tawny owl sitting on a perch with some small ants with a glass ‘cage’. A massive smokey grey paperweight engraved with some small running ants is then placed on top of the 2 vases thereby acting like a ‘handle’.

No Sweet Without Sweat is an art piece that consists of 3 parts: a mouth-blown inner vase with 700 hand-cut ‘dots’ that represent a honeycomb which is then placed inside a tangerine outside casing with hand-engraved bees and a gilded queen bee.  Finally, all is then covered by the ‘beehive’ in clear fine Theresienthal glass.

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Emilie Voirin is a French product designer based in London. She has established a studio mainly centered on design products and art, performance and writing.

Voirin has created a beautiful range of whips, shaving brushes and trinket boxes made of hair.

Called Bun Boxes, the hair is woven and wound into buns and used to top a series of pots of different shapes and sizes.

The usual short blunt bristles of a shaving brush are replaced with long flowing hair, also used for wooden-handled whips. The Pieces can be made with either human or synthetic hair in a range of styles and colours.

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Last year Mint commissioned Daphna Isaacs and Laurens Manders to produce a unique series of five of their ’Tafelstukken’ lighting objects in grey ceramic tones.

The five ‘complete’ lighting objects shine upon themselves as well as the objects placed in them. The lamps are open for your own interpretation. All the pieces were produced in Daphna Laurens’ Eindhoven based workshop. Please see images below of the remaining pieces we have left.

As part of the Limited Edition of 15 that were produced there is only one of the Fruit Lamp’s remaining from the whole collection!!!

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To keep warm this winter Mint has some of the perfect solutions! Scroll down to find out more.

Fires inspired these fireshields and their beauty while offering defense from that which ensued.

So it went with the Great Fire of London that began one September evening in 1666 in a small bakeshop on Pudding Lane. The fire was finally stopped at the barren spot left by the fire of 1633. The reversal in destiny – fire containing fire – illustrates the providence also in the artwork of these cityscape screens.

The fires of London and Rome stirred the beginnings of this design series by BBM. When fire dances behind the laser-cut COR-TEN steel, the scenes from centuries ago are reenacted, but this time with beauty rather than fear. The shadows through the fireshield and the reactive steel to the heat are as ambiguous as the flames

Durable and long-lasting COR-TEN oxidizes over its life span and turns from black to shades resembling the orange blazes. This natural process provides protection for the un-oxidized steel beneath its surface. And the fireshield goes on.

Modern Italian accessory company AK47 has blended fashion and function beautifully in its Flex modern firewood rack chair design.

Known for their unique firewood storage solutions, AK47 developed this contemporary, urban rack chair design that not only makes a stylish statement but also offers a smart storage solution for firewood.

Ideal for loft spaces and compact homes, the modern Flex rack is a simple yet ingenious two-in-one concept – a flexible sheet of hardened steel that curves around your wood pile to resemble a piece of fabric.

The prestressed steel can take on various shapes, depending on where you put the screws, yielding an organic oval or a flame-shaped seat.

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