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Mara Skujeniece is a skilled Latvian designer currently living and working in Amsterdam.

Even though she left Latvia a while ago, her rich latvian background proves an amazing source of inspiration.

She is one of these artists who value honesty in their work. Her ‘Spool’ collection is just such. Honest and pure.

No gimmicky tricks, no pretentious detailing – just a purity of form spiced up with interesting texture.

The Spool collection consists of vases, in a shape of industrial yarn bobbins, with the beautiful texture of thread made of pure white porcelain.

The quirkiness of the form is perfectly balanced with the fragility of material used.

Fairy-tale like design at its best!

For more information and prices, please call us on +44 207 225 2228 or email us at

This coming season Mint presents the Dutch Design Award winners G + N with their Gluejeans Juxtapose range of the most exclusive jeans in fashion. Entirely hand-made in the Netherlands and only available in limited editions, each item is absolutely unique and individual. Rather than using traditional stitching the seams are held together with glue which becomes in itself a strong feature of the design.

The Gluejeans range is complimented by a worldwide first in the release of a glued leather coat; the soft natural leather making for a wonderful contrast against the rough tailored look.

Strikingly graphic, the Gluejeans technique radiates a simple, rough and direct look, which embodies the merging of design with fashion.

Instead of traditional seams, the clothing line range is held together by ultra strong glue available in vivid red, black or two shades of grey.

While the stitching is eye-catching, the denim itself embraces the raw traditional texture of the original jeans by using natural chemical-free denim inside out.

Specifically designed for quality and durability, these jeans are made for use and abuse, with time taking the shape of the wearer.

To date this collection has only been launched by Droog in Amsterdam and New York and in London is only available through Mint.


Don’t have a glue? Get yours from:

MINT , 2 North Terrace

Alexander Square SW3 2BA

Tel. +44 (0207) 7225 2228