Monthly Archives: July 2010

This Summer in June & July Mint presents Kaleidoscope, a wonderful collage of summer treasures that play with the boudaries between design, art and fashion.

Schizophrenia Chairs by Bokja, Hold by Natasha Law

Kaleidoscope centers around a delightful selection of lighting and furniture from Milan and complemented by a series of elegantly vibrant paintings by Natasha Law, evocative of a contemporary fresh femininity.

Gluejeans by G + N, Chipper Tables by Camiel Weijenberg

Yellow Skirt by Natasha Law, Caravan Chair by Bokja

Completing the picture is a new line of beautifully tailored clothing by the award-winning Gluejeans, uniquely crafted with glued stichless seams, and exclusively represented by Droog and Mint.

Wrongwoods Cabinet by Richard Woods & Sebastian Wrong for Est & Sons

A refreshing selection of international designs are on display including a bright array of seating by the hip and humorous Bokja; exquisitely textured spool vases by Skujeniece; deliciously smooth pebble and bowl soap sculptures by Ilse Waltjen and introducing the Chip Tables series by Camiel Weijenberg.

Stack Chest of Drawers by Shay Alkalay for Est & Sons, Spin Coffee Table Est & Sons Collection,  Olive Dress On Blue by Natasha Law, Bricks and Mortor Chair by Richard Woods & Sebastian Wrong for Est & Sons, Audrey Vase by Michael Eden for Est & Sons, Amsterdam Armoire Cabinet by Scholten & Baijings for Est & Sons

Reaching In Yellow Knickers by Natasha Law

Zero-In Low Table by Barber Osgerby for Est & Sons, New Collection of Ceramics by Katy Lilley

Images courtesy of Inge Clemente.

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