Bokja Design as seen at our summer show, Kaleidoscope

Mint are currently exhibiting works by Bokja as part of its Summer show – Kaleidoscope, running from June 10th till July 10th. Hoda Baroudi and Maria Hibri are the Beirut -based duo behind the Bokja concept. The pair are a natural union of talent and creativity.

Eames Lounge Chair all dressed up!

They both share a common love for antiques and vintage furniture, as well as a passion for ancient textiles and tapestries from the Levant and countires along the Silk Road.

Caravan Armchair

Established in 2000, Bokja is an expression of respect and love for an age-old culture and aesthetic with a human approach.The Bokja philosophy adds a touch of bold colour and texture to any interior and all of its pieces are handmade by traditional craftsmen.

A selection Schizophrenia Armchairs

Schizophrenia Armchair

Bean Sofa

Bean Sofa, fabric detail

Not even this volkswagen could escape Bokja’s hands!

For more information and prices, please call us on +44 207 225 2228 or email us at

  1. I totally love their work, i saw them last year at tent show, incredible use of textiles!! I will pay a visit to Mint soon!!

  2. sahar said:

    really beautiful …

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