Studio Glithero Pop-Up Show – Final days at The Garage

Hello Bloggers,

Studio Glithero, the Anglo-Dutch design studio of Sarah Van Gameren and Tim Simpson, presents a new collection entitled Blueware.

For those of you who haven’t seen Studio Glithero’s pop-up show at the garage next door to Mint, this is your last chance to do so.

BLUEWARE (2010) is a collection of ceramic objects with surfaces captured by blueprinting.

In a dark room, vases are impregnated with light sensitive chemicals before being kept in light sealed boxes.

Like rolls of photographic film, the vases are poised and reactive, ready for the moment they are developed onto a rotating spit.

By exposing to a UV light, the chemicals develop from clear to vivid Prussian blue, fixing to surface of the vase and leaving a negative of the flowers strapped to the surface like a photographic image.

Over one hour, the process slowly captures and immortalises the flowers, a lasting impression of the fleeting life of a cut flower.

Images courtesy of Studio Glithero by Petr Krejci

Blueware goes on until May 29th at The Garage, 1 North Terrace SW3 2BA.


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