Silver Sensations by Ezgi Turksoy

Designer Ezgi Turksoy created a limited edition series of sterling silver spoons called “Silver Sensations”.

Based between London and Istanbul, Turksoy recently graduated from Central Saint Martin’s and has now kick-started her career with this magnificent hand-made collection.

These conceptual spoons are about challenging the conventional rituals of eating.

Each spoon is inspired by reckless and naughty eating habits such as biting and licking a spoon, stealing someone’s food, or sharing a dish.

The features of each spoon have been exaggerated to encourage one to enjoy a specific new sensation.

The collection provokes & reminds us of our unexplored table manners, thus creating new sensational, playful & interactive experiences.

For spring, Mint has collaborated with Turksoy to design ‘Silver Sensations’ in a beautiful matt finish, resulting in this exclusive collection, pictured above.

Silver Sensations is currently being displayed at Mint alongside Caren Hartley and Lisa Stockham to coincide with the Crafts Council’s annual event Collect, May 14-17 2010.

For further information and prices, please call +44 (0)207 225 228 or email


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