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Chez Czech installation, Mint

Mint is pleased to announce ‘Chez Czech’, a retrospective of Czech designer Maxim Velcovsky to take place over the month of April 2010. To complement Velcovsky’s extensive body of work, Mint will also exhibit a selection of works by other emerging and established Czech designers.

Vase of Vases by Maxim Velcovsky

Well renowned for its array of established talent in glassmaking and ceramics, Czech design is increasingly building a reputation at the forefront of experimental avant-garde design across the field of applied crafts.

Landscape Bowl by Jakub Berdych

Of the new crop of designers to take centre-stage, Velcovsky is among the most notable as the 2007 Designer of the Year for Czech Grand Design. Co-founder of the multiple award-winning Qubus Design Studio, Velcovsky’s work has recently been exhibited in the Victoria & Albert Museum’s exhibition ‘Telling Tales’.

Catastrophe Vase by Maxim Velcovsky

In addition several of his works have been purchased by international museums for their permanent collections.

Milk Bottle by Jakub Berdych

Kafkanistan by Jakub Berdych

Mint will be presenting his most recent limited edition series ‘Vase of Vases’ made for the Krehky Collection. Also exhibited will be a number of his other limited edition pieces produced exclusively for Mint including the Catastrophe Vase, Underground Souvenirs, and Melting Beauty.

Underground Souvenir by Maxim Velcovsky

Crystal glassware by Ivan Jelinek

Other highlights to ‘Chez Czech’ include Jakub Berdych’s limited edition collection of glass bowls, Klara Sumova’s wooden Love Lamp, hand-blown glassware by Ivan Jelinek and a selection from the Qubus collection.

Love Lamp by Klara Sumova

Special thanks to Nina Tolstrop who designed the fabulous wooden cabinet, currently used for our Chez Czech display. More information on this to follow soon.

Chez Czech will run from 1st – 31st April 2010 at Mint, 2 North Terrace London SW3 2BA t. 0207 225 2228


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