Maarten Baas turns 32!

Following ‘Making Things Personal’ preview, Maarten Baas celebrated his 32nd birthday and two lucky Minties attended his birthday party at the Baas Studios.

Mint is pleased to share a few exclusive snapshots that speak for themselves… Enjoy!

Happy Birthday Maarten! His gift from everyone at Studio Baas, an improvised clay chair!

Baas Den Herder, Maarten’s business partner

The Band…

Party guests

More party guests…

Only a man’s loo… obviously!

Design in the making: metal skeletons for the clay chairs

Kiki Van Eijk and Lina Kanafani, lucky Mintie n° 1

Friends and Mariela Farias, lucky Mintie n°2

Party food, what a night!

1 comment
  1. Pulit4 said:

    Happy birthday Maarten Baas! i know it’s late, but it’s with my heart =) keep creative as allways :D

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