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Last March, Mint collaborated with Meredith Gunderson and Kai Saatchi for their show UnEarth, a temporary exhibition of works by artist Ian Garlant.

Furniture from Maarten Baas, Fabien Capello and Kai Linke to name a few were displayed in the venue. We took a few snapshots, let us know what you think.

The venue, 8 Egerton Garden Mews – General view

Smoke Chest by Maarten Baas – above, artwork by Ian Garlant

Floor lamp by Luc Ramael, bronze stool by Kai Linke, artworks by Ian Garlant

Artwork by Ian Garlant

Following ‘Making Things Personal’ preview, Maarten Baas celebrated his 32nd birthday and two lucky Minties attended his birthday party at the Baas Studios.

Mint is pleased to share a few exclusive snapshots that speak for themselves… Enjoy!

Happy Birthday Maarten! His gift from everyone at Studio Baas, an improvised clay chair!

Baas Den Herder, Maarten’s business partner

The Band…

Party guests

More party guests…

Only a man’s loo… obviously!

Design in the making: metal skeletons for the clay chairs

Kiki Van Eijk and Lina Kanafani, lucky Mintie n° 1

Friends and Mariela Farias, lucky Mintie n°2

Party food, what a night!

Following Maarten Baas’ ‘Designer of the Year’ Award, the Stedelijk Museum in Hertogenbosch presents a comprehensive exhibition of Maarten Baas entitled ‘Making Things Personal’ which illustrates the beauty of imperfection and personal quality found in his work.

In 2002 designer Maarten Baas became an instant sensation in the design world with his Design Academy graduation collection ‘Smoke’. Through the charred and blackened furniture, he makes a statement about an impersonal design tradition. His designs originate from an unusual approach, resulting in an individual signature.

Baas’ independent and idiosyncratic way of working has earned him the nickname of ‘the bad boy of design’. Design for Baas is about exploring new forms through the use of unorthodox methods and materials. In his own words: “Furniture designs in general are introvert, rational and impersonal through the symmetry and fixed finishing touch. When you compare this kind of design with people I wouldn’t feel myself at home, they are so pretentious. I want to make something that doesn’t have that distant character, but something more personal, like when children are drawing or claying.”

Maarten Baas was named ’Designer of the Year’ at Art Basel /Design Miami 2009. The SM is showing a selection from all his furniture series since 2002, together with several one-off commissions. The playful designs from ‘The Chankley Bore’ series and the Haphazard Harmony Service had their Dutch premiere at the exhibition which runs until May 25th 2010.