Book Launch

The Source  by Michael Freeman


Last October, mint organized a book launch in its new location for Michael Freeman’s The Source.

Michael is an acclaimed photographer and writer who specializes in travel, architecture and interiors. He has been a long time friend of mint and has taken fabulous shots of our shop over the years.

Here is more information on Michael’s work and inspiration:

“People come to photography in different ways. I’m always intrigued at the variety of reasons for which my friends became photographers, none of them incidentally through the predictable route of a photographic education. For myself, I took an MA in Geography at Oxford, which I imagine had a latent effect on the amount I travelled later, but I then went into advertising. After a few years the agency, with extraordinary generosity, gave me a three-month sabbatical to travel up the Amazon, which I did with a second-hand camera, and after the trip I knew what I wanted to do. My encouragement came from Time-Life, who used the pictures for the cover of a new book on the Amazon and for several spreads inside. They became my first client and I changed my career.

Travel and reportage have been central to my work, and over the years this has leaned towards Asia, particularly Southeast Asia, India and more recently, Japan. Within these, and even apart, certain special interests grew, including art. design, architecture, science and technology, and anthropology (the Oxford degree included a Diploma course in this). You can see these various specialities among the magazine stories featured here, and in the book titles. I do a lot of books. They are a publishing format I understand well, they allow me to explore a subject in depth, and when this is something about which I know sufficient, I write also.”


The Source is available at mint for a limited time.

For more information please call +44 207 225 2228 or email


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