Mint opens in the Brompton Quarter

Hello Mint Bloggers!

mint is back in a brand new space at 2 north terrace, sw3 in the Brompton Quarter. We would like to thank all those who came and showed their support at our preview party for our grand opening which took place Wednesday July 15th.  

For those who missed out, here a few pictures of the party:



New space, new logo!


The party extends outside!



Snapshots of  mint tells tales exhibits



Lina Kanafani, founder and director, with husband Talal Kanafani



Rana Salam’s daughter and husband, getting familiar with the local pets!



Snapshots of mint tells tales exhibits



Matali Crasset’s Open Room


Guests mingling with designers and staff


Stay tuned for new updates and keep checking our blog to find out more about our upcoming exhibition with the London Design Festival in September.



1 comment
  1. Great new space, sad I missed the opening day, but can’t wait to visit the new shop, by the way it is ok if I use some of this photos to make a post about the new shop in my blog? pls email and let me know, and I will do the post.

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