m i n t ‘ s last days in Marylebone

Hello m i n t bloggers!!


As previously announced in our last entry, m i n t is living its last days in the Marylebone area. After being on Wigmore St for over ten years, m i n t will be re-locating to 2 North Terrace, SW3 2BA. We hope to see you all very soon in the new shop (opening date TBA) but in the mean time, here’s a tribute to some of our friends which we will greatly miss down south! 


marylebonelane-27-of-29Tracey Neuls – her shoes are exquisite and unique! Tracey has been on Marylebone Lane since 2005… If you haven’t been to her shop, may we suggest you make the trip? 


marylebonelane-21-of-29Paul Rothe & Son – this little hideaway has been passed on from generation to generation and was established on Marylebone Lane over 100 years ago! There you will find traditional English food, from home made soups to roast beef sandwiches, there’s something for every taste. 


marylebonelane-1-of-29David Penton & Son – established in 1841 and located just in front of m i n t, this little hardware store has been our lifesaver for all our emergency needs, from light bulbs to hammers and nails, you will find all your DIY tools and ironmongery at Penton.


marylebonelane-3-of-29The Button Queen – has a selection of  thousands of buttons for all your sewing needs. Sadly the Button Queen is another retailer which will be leaving Marylebone Lane at the end of March, as they are part of the same building which is going through redevelopment works by the De Walden Estate…


marylebonelane-2-of-29Biggles – to all the meat lovers out there, Biggles prepares a variety of gourmet sausages to be eaten on the spot or to cook at home. Perfectly delicious!



Last but not least, we will even miss little businesses which are not always official, like this improvised Psychic reading studio which came to life for about 4 weeks and then suddenly disappeared, probably due to the disapproval of the local community! Nonetheless, we enjoyed having an unusual and colorful window for a while.


Please keep checking our website for more information about our move. If you have any inquiries you can email us at info@mintshop.co.uk


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