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Hello mint bloggers!

We’re back for another year filled with exclusive new products, exciting events and much more!!

To get a break from the freezing temperatures, m i n t  is featuring a collection of bark bowls all the way from the Canadian wilderness combining the incomparable beauty of trees in their natural state with a high-gloss vibrant finish.



Each bowl is handmade and eco-friendly, using only locally reclaimed trees of all varieties (fallen or cut down due to infrastructure, re-landscaping, droughts, or stormy weather). The trees are hand selected, gathered turned and finished by a group of local crafts people. Bark bowls come in a variety of colors and are completed by hand with a water-based, furniture grade finish. The smooth, glassy depression of the bowl, quite a modern techniquecompliments and highlights the rustic bark base. The result is an unexpected but equally attractive contrast. Each bowl is unique having its own distinctive bark, grain or other marking. 


materials: log cut offs, acrylic paint, water based gloss finish 
sizes: vary between 5 – 16 cm in diameter, heights vary
Available in a limited number only. 

For more information and prices, please call +44 207 224 4406
or email: