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‘forget me not’- an exhibition celebrating a decade of design during the London Design Festival 

venue: mint –  70 wigmore st w1u 2sf

date: 18th – 30th September


This year, mint will be celebrating its 10th anniversary in a unique collaboration with Dutch designer Marije Vogelzang presenting ‘Roots’, a sensory concept incorporating food and design. 



Vogelzang’s ‘Roots Laboratory’ will be running as part of London design week. This cooking, making and breaking installation will be a hands-on tasting experience. 

Exploring the shared culinary history of British and Dutch root vegetables, Proef will be using traditional clay cooking methods to build sculptures, bake seasoned vegetables and create a sensory landscape. 

In ancient times whole animals were baked in clay on an open fire, and after being removed from the hot coals, smashed open.  The cooked contents, in this case, root vegetables are only revealed when the clay shell is broken, creating a dilemma; breaking a sculpture to sample the warm root inside. 

‘Roots’ installation will be an evolving terrain, connecting past and present on a modern table like an eclectic archaeological site.

Marije Vogelzang graduated from the Design Academy in Eindhoven, Holland.

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In collaboration with Alias & Moroso, mint will reflect on the influence of nature & the environment on the design process through the blurring of traditional distinctions between indoor & outdoor living.

Tord Boontje’s ‘Shadowy Chair’ for Moroso

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Patricia Urquiola’s ‘Tropicalia Chair’ in thermoplastic polymer threads, polyester cords and leather.

The chairs are designed using weaving techniques and can be used indoors or outdoors.

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Tokujin Yoshioka’s ‘Bouquet Chair’ is made from a chrome metal tube supporting an egg shaped shell and bouquets of fabric squares which gives them a unique, stunning look.

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“Dehors’ furniture designed by Michele de Lucchi for Alias


 Supplementing this will be innovative designs by the newcomers Bram Boo, Folkform, Ward van Gemert & Kaori Tatebayashi. 

Bram Boos’ Lazy Desk in lacquered MDF. Boo produces pieces that constantly surprise the user, with a focus on functionality and flexibility. 

Folkform’s exclusive and unique Forest Cupboards, made of donated butterflies, plants and sea plants. The elements were inserted into masonite presses to create a permanent organic decoration.  


Adam, Torbjorn & Alfred, the collectors invited to take part in the design process of the Forest Cupboards


Ward Van Gemert’s unusual brass chandelier, dipped in black color. Ward uses dismantled ballcrown chandelier pieces which he then re-interprets into an exploded version of a modern chandelier. 


Kaori Tatebayashi’s hand-built stoneware life size sculptures. 


In addition, collaborating with Danish Crafts mint will present ‘Mindcraft’ with works by Ditte Hammerstrom, Louise Hindsgavl, Astrid Krogh & Cecilie Manz.


Hammerstrom’s Bistro Light upholstered chair


Hindsgavl’s “Everyday Scenario, Surgery Suggestion”


Krogh’s Swirls Lamp


Manz’s Clothes Tree

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This concept will be illustrated further through a large selection of works presented by this year’s design graduates:

Helen Briggs: textile designer who will be showing ‘Cyprus 1999’ for the first time. The piece is unique and hand embroidered, illuminated with led lights. 

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Laura Cahill: designs furniture using recycled vintage books found in charity shops, car boot sales or sometimes even from the streets. Laura graduated from The University of Plymouth.

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Felicity Lloyd Coombes: designs hare sculptures made from wire with a layer of scrim soaked in a slurry of paper clay, fired at a high temperature. Felicity graduated from Loughborough University in 3-D ceramic design. 

Linda Gates: ceramicist whose work celebrates the 1950s era. Linda produces slip cast earthenware decorated with iconic imagery of furniture and appliances. 

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Suzie Gutteridge: inspired from nature, Suzie’s work ‘new life’is based on the cyclamen plant and its annual repetitive reproduction.  Her installations are made of biodegradable, recycled plastic cup. Suzie graduated from Southampton University in textile, fashion and fiber textile art.

Val Hacking: designs hand embroidered panels in the shape of coat patterns that reflect on her personal life experiences. Val graduated from The University of Bolton in textile surface design.

Rachael Hallum: textile designer inspired by domestic scenes whose artwork is expressed as unique decorative ‘tea towels’ and ‘napkins’.  Rachael combines vintage laces and fabrics with contemporary designs and colour usage to make these hand crafted, one off pieces. Rachael graduated from Norwich University in contemporary textile practices.

Simon Hasan: furniture designer who works mainly with leather which is boiled and then stretched to achieve compelling forms and rigidity. Simon graduated from The Royal College of Art.

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Anri Moolman: print designer who makes padded tile installations. Each individual tile is made from a unique hand printed design. Anri graduated from Loughborough University in printed textile design.

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Zoe Murphy: inspired by her seaside hometown of Margate, Zoe is a designer who promotes the use of furniture and textiles in an ethical and upbeat fashion. Her works are based on recycling old pieces of Formica onto furniture. Zoe graduated from Louborough University with a degree in printed textile.

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Mikael Jackson: “with one type of geometrical element, very different expressions can be created through the alteration of scale and the number of elements in play”. Jackson will be showing a unique piece consisting of trumpet shaped porcelain pieces on wire. Jackson graduated from the Royal College of Art. 


Phillipa Jolley: by combining slab building and coiling techniques, Phillipa designs large scale hand bag sculptures, a must for every hand bag aficionadas. Phillipa graduated from Bath Spa University.

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Krestina Juel Orpwood: produces ceramic vessels using earthenware slip poured on to a plaster board. Krestina graduated from Bath Spa University.

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Sally Paton: textile designer who specialises in hand embroidered, hand printed wall hangings, each one representing weeks of hard work.

Hannah Plumb: designs lighting and furniture thrived on the old, overlooked and the time warn, through one offs and special commissions.

Consuelo Seixas Radclyffe: designs figurative 3D objects with clay, wire, paper and found objects. All her works express a range of narratives from her birth country, Brazil, which range from childhood to nostalgia and memories. Consuelo graduated fromThe University of Westminster with a degree in ceramics.

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Kasia Roguszaczak: using stoneware and terracotta, Kasia designs casual tableware reflecting on some aspects of the food industry and its wastage. Kasia graduated from Central St Martins with a degree in ceramic design. 

Caroline Saul: a Brighton University graduate, Caroline makes bulbous vessel forms, hand crafted from recycled plastic milk bottles.  Her work focuses mainly on the exploration of colour, texture, material, patterning, shape and form. Caroline graduated from The University of Brighton.

Alice Shields: designs porcelain ‘snippets’ in the shape of bulbs, inspired from eavesdropped conversations in the public space. Each snippet is unique and carries a different note. Alice graduated from Bath Spa University.

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Christine Spendley: paper and multimedia artist who currently specialises in cast paper. Many of her designs are inspired from women who form support groups and often create life long friendships. Christine graduated from Hartfordshire University in applied arts.

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Lizzie Thomas:  artist and maker based in Brighton, Lizzie’s work celebrates hidden surprises. She will be showing 2 hidden season boxes, specially designed for our ‘forget me not’ exhibition. Lizzie graduated from Brighton University with a degree in wood, metal, ceramics & plastics.

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Karen Thompson: ceramicist who uses printing and piercing techniques inspired from daily life scenarios and encounters. Karen graduated from Bath Spa University.

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Sophie Waite: ceramicist who experiments with long forgotten finishing techniques. Sophie is a graduate from Plymouth University with a degree in 3-D design.

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Oliver Bishop Young: converts empty skips into public spaces. His work focuses mainly on the exchange of waste materials, re-use of waste and making use of wasted spaces. Oliver will be displaying a water feature specially commissioned for mint. Oliver graduated from Goldsmiths University.  

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‘Forget me Not’, running from September 18th to 30th at mint, 70 Wigmore Street W1U 2SF

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