Monthly Archives: March 2008

This week mint is featuring five 19th century chairs re-designed by Maarten Baas and specially commissioned by Lina Kanafani. The Smoke effect was achieved by burning the surfaces of each chair and then preserving them in a clear epoxy coating. Each chair is unique and exclusive to mint. 



Also featured this week, is Maarten Baas’ Clay Collection, with new added pieces of furniture ranging from benches, to chairs and side tables. 



Here are a few words from the designer: “Clay furniture is made of synthetic Clay, with a metal “skeleton” inside to reinforce the structure. All pieces are modelled by hand. No moulds are used in the production, making each piece unique”. 




For more information and prices call +44 207 224 4406 




Another week, another post! This time mint is featuring hand made ceramic pots and bowls designed by German artist Doris Bank. Below, Doris describes her techniques: 34.jpg “
The fine calcined clay I specially use gives the unglazed surface a fine texture. Transparent or colored glazes are used for the open surface which are fired at 1255 degrees Celsius giving a fine Craquele look that is waterproof. ”  p-unben26.jpg“The soft tones I use invite a combination of pieces. The refreshing looks of AQUA and ORANGE bring vitality to the table; the NILEGREEN and YELLOWGREEN combined with a touch of ROSE create an atmosphere of tranquility and wellness. ”   p-024-027.jpg  “Other combinations bring their own special touch, suited to your character and mood. 
The new glazes SEAGREEN,APRICOT and STONEGREY intensify the handpinched surface of the porcelain dishes.”p-unben25.jpg  For more information and prices call +44 207 224 4406 

 This week mint is featuring exclusive unglazed vases made of clay by Dutch artist Pieke Bergmans:
In cooperation with Madieke Fleuren a production process was developed that produces unique pieces. It resulted in a series of vases that is titled ‘Unlimited Edition’. Various templates were placed into an extrusion machine. Thus the machine extrudes endless tubes of clay, the tubes force themselves in maximum and almost impossible conditions and shapes. By cutting the tubes of the extrusion-machine and placing them onto a drying table, they form themselves naturally and all get unique shapes. None of them are the same and all of them have there own characteristics. 

Because of a research quality and max-deformation of this clay, we have managed to develop a new product that is always unique but can be mass-produced: an ‘Unlimited Edition’……
 ‘’No people are the same and neither are two of the hairs that grow on our head. I wish our products to be like that as well’’.  

 For more information and prices call +44 207 224 4406